Monday, February 20, 2012

Dasaka 3  Om Namoh Naarayanaya!  I bow down to Sri Naarayana Bhattadiri who gave us this "Song of Solace"

Dasaka 3
You are the benevolent giver of wishes, O Varada!  Blessed are those people who recite your names, meditate on your form, who discuss your greatness and your life stories. (1)
I am distracted by my physical and mental problems and so am unable to serve at your lotus feet.  Please shower your compassion on me (O Guruvayoorappa!)  and resolve these maladies, so that I can sit in a secluded spot and keep repeating your holy names.  (2)
Nothing is impossible to a person who has your grace!  And the cure of my disease is such an insignificant thing!  How many of your devotees lead unattached, happy lives, because you have blessed them and removed all of their sorrows!  (3)
Well known sages like Narada and others, whose ways are mysterious and who are free from misery because of their constant contemplation of your lotus feet, wander around freely as they have already achieved absolute blissful consciousness.  (4)
May my devotion to you increase and may that alone take away all my afflictions.  I have complete faith in you, in the words of Sage Vyasa and in the scriptures.  (5)
I have been filled with the experience of utter sweetness because I have been reciting your name and your merits.  If this sweetness were to increase a little more, it would destroy all my sufferings and take me to the plane of ultimate bliss.  What more can I ask for?  (6)
Please remove all my pain and make my feet eager to enter your shrine, my hands eager to pray to you, my eyes eager to see your form, my nose anxious to smell the basil leaves and my ears eager to hear your stories.  (7)
May my mind be completely filled with your entrancing form, so that I forget my mental and physical anguish, and instead experience ecstasy and thrill.  (8)
O Guruvayoorappa!  It seems as though even those who are against you, are happy, whereas, I who am so devoted to you is suffering so much.  How can this be fair, O Varada?  Will this not tarnish your reputation?  O slayer of Kamsa, relieve me of my suffering and make me a jewel among your devotees.  (9)
Should I keep praying to you over and over again?  O compassionate one!  I will keep worshipping at your feet with full dedication until you hear my cries and save me.  (10)

Om Namoh Naarayanaaya!!
This is a humble attempt to present these verses in English.  Please pardon any mistakes and feel free to correct/comment on anything.  
1.  Sri Naarayaneeyam by Gita Press with Hindi translation  2.  Sri Naarayaneeyam by P.N. Menon

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