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Dasaka 5  Om Namoh Naarayanaya!  A thousand Namaskars to Sri Naarayana Bhattadiri who gave us this "Song of Solace"

Dasaka 5
O Lord Hari!!  During the time of the great deluge, there was no physical body, nor were there the three gunas (Sattwa, Rajas, Tamas), nor Maya, or Death or Moksha.  Even day and night did not exist.  There was nothing other than you - Sat-Chit-Ananda (Truth-Knowledge-Bliss).  (1)

O Lord!  At the time of the deluge, time, forms, action, souls, etc were merged in you and were enjoying the bliss of oneness.  The Vedas do not talk about these (time, forms, action, souls) as non existent or Asat.  Or is it that these (not merged in you and) are non-existent or Asat and will be apparent again (like flowers in the sky) at the end of the deluge?  (It cannot be so.)  (2)

When two Prardhas (lifetimes of Brahma) had passed, you cast a glance that desired creation and this set Maya going with the creation of the three worlds, the creation of time, the three moods or gunas, and the tracking of action.  (3)
O Lord!  You are the power behind Maya, yet the creation is not in you!  In Vedanta, you are said to be the eternal "witness".  You have become the "many" reflected in Maya's creation.  Next, Maya, bound by time, action, forms, created the great "intelligence".  (4) 
O Lord Vishnu!  Intelligence is pure Sattwa, in spite of being of the three gunas (Sattwa, Rajas, Tamas).  This intelligence gives the knowledge of "I am that formless Absolute".  This intelligence also created the sense of "I" and the identification with an individual physical form (when dominated by the mood of Tamas).  (5)
This sense of "I" or the ego divided into three types of moods:  Vaikarika, Rajas and Tamas.  Of these the Vaikarika or Sattwic mood produced the Gods of the senses:  the Directions, Air, the Sun, Varuna, Ashwins, Fire, Vishnu, Mitra, Prajapati, the Moon, Brahma, Rudra and Kshetrajna.  (6)
O Guruvayurappa!! The same Sattwic mood also produced the internal organs called the Chitta, that is "Mind-Intellect-Egoism" combined.  The ten senses were also born out of the Rajasic portion of the ego and the primal sound (Om) was born out of the Tamasic portion of the ego.  (7)

From that primal sound arose the sky, the touch, air, form, fire, taste, water, smell, earth (in sequence).  O Madhava!  In this way, all the elements were created in sequence, and containing characteristics of the previously created element.  (8)
O Vishnu Bhagavan!!  These groups of elements, Gods or senses do not have the ability to create this Universe on their own.  It was only when you entered them and powered them with your energy, that they combined with one other to create the golden egg (the Universe).  (9)
O Lord Guruvayurappa!!  That egg remained in water for a thousand years until it broke and created a form called "Virat" that took the form of fourteen worlds.  This form of Virat was a collection of souls and was brilliant with thousands of feet and heads.  I pray that your form of Virat may protect me from all my problems!  (10)

Om Namoh Naarayanaaya!!

This is a humble attempt to present these verses in English.  
Please pardon any mistakes and feel free to correct/comment on anything.  
1.  Sri Naarayaneeyam by Gita Press with Hindi translation  
2.  Sri Naarayaneeyam by P.N. Menon

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