Thursday, February 23, 2012

The greatness of his flute

With her eyes closed, Radha was immersed in the mesmerizing music emanating from Krishna's flute.  When he had finished his song, she opened her eyes and then asked him if she could have his flute. Krishna handed it to her.  Radha looked at it closely; it looked like any ordinary flute.  Nothing special about it.  Could it be magical, maybe?

So, she asked Krishna who was looking at her with a very amused expression, "O Govinda!  How do you produce such melodious music from this flute?  It looks very ordinary to me.  What is the secret?"

Krishna said, "Dearest, the secret is in what the flute is filled with.  Look carefully."

Radha turned the flute over and looked at it from all directions.  Was this a trick?  She knew what a trickster he was.  After a while, she said in a quiet voice, "Your flute is not filled with anything but air?!"

Krishna laughed and said, "Yes, that is indeed the secret! If it were filled with anything but air, I would not be able to produce any music."

Radha understood.  When people are full of themselves, Krishna is unable to help them.  They are like a flute that is bocked.  But the moment they surrender to his glory, he produces beautiful music through them.

Jai Sree Krishna!!  Om Namo Narayanaya!!


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