Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dasaka 1    Om Namo Narayanaya! Hail to Sri Narayana Bhattadiri for giving us this exquisite "Song of Solace"!

Dashaka 1
How fortunate is it that the pinnacle of bliss and knowledge, who is unlimited by time and space, who is beyond pleasure and pain, who is unclear after reading thousands of scriptures until the moment of enlightenment, is embodied in the holy shrine of Guruvayoor!    (1)
Alas, people do not realize how easily they can access this rare gem.  Instead, they waste their time pursuing impermanent pleasures of the body, mind and speech.  We (who realize this) shall steadfastly serve and worship Lord Guruvayorappa!  (2)
Sage Vyasa has proclaimed that your holy form is truly pure(unadulterated) and sattvic.  Blessed are the people who rejoice in your form that is intensely sweet to the senses and the mind!  (3)
Supremely complete and motionless, you are pure nectar!  And you are like the boundless ocean that hides clusters of pearls in the form of (partial) avatars!  (4)
You are without a birth (infinite) and are without action (not subject to change), yet, the world arose out of your Maya (Ikshaana).  You adorned the pure Sattvik portion of that Maya and took on the glowing form of the Lord of Vaikunta (Vishnu).   (5)
O Guruvayoorappa! I meditate upon your form that is charming as a rain cloud (about to shower), lovely as a bouquet of Kalaya flowers, that brings overwhelming satisfaction to the eyes of good-hearted people, as well as brings intense joy to Goddess Lakshmi and to your devotees.  (6)
O Guruvayyorappa (unconquered)!  I did not appreciate the power of your Maya (since it only seems to bring agony to all living beings).  I was mistaken.  If not for your Maya and for this human form, how can beings enjoy the ecstasy of experiencing your (exceedingly sweet) form with their eyes and ears?   (7)
To those who (merely) bow down to you, you shower desired objects, unasked for.  Moreover, you also bless them with supreme knowledge.  You are that Parijaata (wish yielding) tree that anyone can access and that which everyone yearns to obtain.  (8)
O Guruvayoorappa!  Other Gods (Brahma, etc.) also give devotees their objects of desire (other than Moksha); whereas you, in your boundless compassion, give yourself to your devotees.  Other Gods like to control the world with their power, whereas you lord over all of these Gods. Fortunate beings exult in your sweetness, whereas you exult in yourself.  You are the crux of all virtues and I bow down to you.  (9)
O Guruvayoorappa (slayer of Mura)!  Your prowess controls the work of other Gods and your valor is umatched by any other God.  Your praises are sung by learned people.  Goddess Lakshmi resides in you.  You know everything and yet remain unattached to everything.  You are truly "Bhagavan" (the giver of Bhakti, Gnana and Vairagya)!  (10)
Om Namoh Narayanaya!
This is a very humble attempt to summarize these verses into English.  Please pardon any mistakes and feel free to offer any comments/corrections.
Sources:  1.  Sree Naarayaneeyam - Gita Press Publication with Hindi translation  
2.  Naarayaneeyam with English translation by P.N Menon.

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