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Dasaka 2    Om Namoh Narayanaya!!  Obeisances to Sri Narayana Bhattadiri, who has composed this "Song of Solace"!

Dasaka 2
I pray to you, O Lord Guruvayoorappa, who has a brilliant crown (like the sun) and whose forehead is embellished with the sandalwood Tilak.  Your eyes reflect compassion, your smile is radiant, your nostrils are elegant and your ear ornaments of makara (fish) reflect on your glowing cheeks.  Your neck is adorned with the Koustubha jewel and your body is fragrant and decorated with a garland of wild flowers, clusters of pearl necklaces and the Srivatsa mark (on your chest).  (1)
I forget all my sorrows and cling to your beautiful form:  your four arms, wrists and fingers are adorned with amulets, bracelets, bangles, rings (studded with the most precious gems) and they wield the Shangu, Chakra, Gadha and Pushpa.  You are dressed in a lustrous yellow silk garment, a shining waist belt and your feet are as delicate and lovely as lotus flowers.  (2)
Why would your form not create a eagerness and curiosity in this world, O Lord Vishnu, when it is superior to the most superior form in the three worlds, when it is more infatuating than the most infatuating object in the world, more brilliant than the most brilliant beings, and sweeter and lovelier than the sweetest and loveliest forms in the world?   (3)
O Lord Vishnu (Achyutha)!  Your beautiful form has captured the heart of Goddess Lakshmi so much so that she does not stay long with any of her devotees, but remains close to you (in your heart) and is loyal and steadfast in her devotion to you.  (4)
Here is one more fact to prove Goddess's Lakshmi's fickleness to everyone except to you (O Lord Vishnu). Captivated as she is by your beauty, Goddess Lakshmi takes good care of all of the people who are devoted to you and are engrossed in your glory.  (5)
Listening to a description of your form (Lord Vishnu's form), is like being showered with exquisite nectar and like being bestowed with immense intelligence; it fills the hearts and minds of the listeners with ecstasy and bliss (in the form of being bathed in cold tear drops).  (6)
It is no wonder that great sages have declared that the path of devotion (Bhakti) is far superior to the path of knowledge (Jnana) or the path of action (Karma).  Moreover, having intense love for you, (the embodiment of beauty), is effortless and hence very easily attainable by anyone.  (7)
What is known as the path of action (karma yoga or action without attachment to the result) is only partially attainable; What is known as the path of knowledge (Jnana yoga or knowledge of the Upanishads), is difficult to comprehend; So, the path of devotion (or Bhakti to Lord Vishnu) is enjoyable and praiseworthy (shreyasi).  (8)
Many struggle to perform tiresome actions with a pure heart on the path of Karma Yoga.  Many others are engrossed in resolving philosophical conundrums and in meditating (with a pure mind) on your formless form (Brahman), on the path of Jnana Yoga.  They all do eventually attain Salvation (Moksha), after numerous births of such pursuits.  (9)
O Lord Guruvayyorappa!  Listening to the sweet stories of your exploits, is like plunging into a river of endless pleasure.  It spontaneously brings forth knowledge and effortlessly take you to Salvation (Moksha).  May such devotion (Bhakti) and love rise in me towards your Lotus feet, may my heart melt in ecstasy when I listen to your stories and see your form.  (10)
Om Namoh Naarayanaaya!!
This is a humble attempt to present these verses in English.  Please pardon any mistakes and feel free to correct/comment on anything.  
1.  Sri Naarayaneeyam by Gita Press with Hindi translation  2.  Sri Naarayaneeyam by P.N. Menon

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