Wednesday, February 15, 2012

There was a hushed chanting and murmuring of "Naarayana-- Naarayana-- Naarayana" as people waited for the sanctum to open.  No one seemed to care about the sweaty bodies pressing against them on all sides.  People moved, but only so as to position themselves better to view the sanctum when the doors opened.  Suddenly, there was a jingling of bells as the doors opened to reveal the sandalwood paste covered, smiling face of baby Krishna.  At once the chanting changed to cries of:  "Krishna, Guruvayoorappa!!"

The image of the mighty Vishnu or Naarayana that they carried in their minds was replaced by the playful, and charming image of baby Krishna holding butter in his right palm, dressed in a red loincloth and smiling away as though to laugh at them for worrying about anything and taking things seriously.  This sweet picture, they would carry with them as they went back to the daily race of life.

Om Namoh Naarayanaya!!

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