Friday, March 2, 2012

Dasaka 6  Om Namoh Naarayanaya!  A thousand Namaskars to Sri Naarayana Bhattadiri who gave us this "Song of Solace"

Dasaka 6
O Lord in the awe inspiring form of Virat! O Lord who has assumed the form of fourteen worlds!  The learned people say that the soles of your feet is Patala, the upper part of your feet is Rasatala and your ankles is Mahatala.  (1)
O Lord who wields the discus (Chakra)!  Your shins is Talatala, your knees are the the worlds of Vithala and Athala.  The front of your hip is the earth, your navel is the sky and your chest is Indraloka.  (2)
O Lord who has the assumed the form of everything in this Universe!  Your neck is Mahar, your face is Jnanaloka, your head is Satyaloka.  I bow down to your form that is the cause of everything in the universe!  (3)
O Lord who is the prime cause of this Universe!  The upper end of your Sushumna nerve is the Vedas, your beautiful curly locks of hair are the clouds, your luminous brows is Brahmaloka, your eyelashes create day and night (with their movement) and your eyes are the Sun.  (4)  
O Lord!  Your glance created the whole Universe!  Your ears became the directions, your nostrils became the Ashwin Gods, your lower lip became greed and the upper lip became shame.  Your teeth became the stars and your grinding teeth became the God of Death.  (5)
O Lord Virat!  Your entrancing smile became Maya, your breath became air and your tongue became water.  Your speech became a flock of birds, your melody became the learned people, your arms became the Gods and your chest became the Lord of Righeousness.  (6)
O lotus eyed Lord!  Your back became wrong thought and action and your mind became the moon.  Your soft heart is indistinct as it is plagued by moods.  Your stomach became the oceans, twillight clothed you, and your lower parts became Brahma and Mitra.  (7)
O Compassionate Lord!  Your hips became herds of animals, your nails became the elephant, camel and the horse.  Your gait became the passing of time.  And the castes were created out of your face, arms, thighs and feet. (8)
O Lord who wields a discus!  Your actions are the cycle of life, your valor is like that of the mighty demons, your bones are the mountains, your nerves are the rivers, and your hair forms the trees.  Long live to this exquisite form of yours!  (9)
To those who follow Karma Yoga, your form in the form of Virat is to be meditated on, at the end of every good action.  O Lord Guruvayurappa!!  I bow to you who pervades this entire Universe and beseech you to save me from this illness.  (10)

This is a humble attempt to present these verses in English.  
Please pardon any mistakes and feel free to correct/comment on anything.  
1.  Sri Naarayaneeyam by Gita Press with Hindi translation  
2.  Sri Naarayaneeyam by P.N. Menon

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