Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dasaka 11 Om Namo Naarayanaya!  
Namaskarams to Sri Naarayana Bhattadiri who gave us this "Song of Solace"

Dasaka 11
O Lord Guruvayoorappa!  As creation continued to occur, the Sages approached Vaikunta, your divine abode, to meet you.  (1)  
The sages arrived at the seventh gate of your divine abode, after crossing the six gates and the Naisreyasa garden.  (2)
The gate keepers, Jaya and Vijaya stopped the sages from entering Vaikunta.  This angered the sages. This happened only because you willed it.  (3)
The angry sages cursed Jaya and Vijaya to take on the form of demons, as per their behavior.  They begged you to bless them, O Lord, to yet be chanting and remembering your name, even in their demonic forms.  (4)
O Lord Vishnu!  You then appeared in your charming form along with Goddess Lakshmi, riding on Garuda (the eagle), and delighted the sages.  (5)
Out of compassion for your attendants, you blessed them that they may attain you through three births of enmity towards you.  (6)
Jaya and Vijaya were born to Sage Kashyapa and Diti as the twin demons, Hiranyaaksha and Hiranyakashipu.  They were conceived at an inauspicious time of day (dusk), and so were cruel by nature and deeds. (7)
The twins shook the world with their merciless exploits, blinded by their natural tendencies.  (8)
Of the two, Hiranyaaksha, could not find a match for his might and so captured the Earth Goddess and immersed her in the ocean.  (9)
O Lord!  Hearing about your glory, Hiranyaaksha set out in search of you, so as to fight and subdue you!  O Lord of Guruvayoor!  You are the seat of mercy!  Please cure me of my disease!  (10)

Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya!
Sources:  Narayaneeyam by P.N.Menon; Narayaneeyam by Gita Press
Please pardon any mistakes or misinterpretations!

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