Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dasaka 14 Om Namo Naarayanaya!  

Namaskarams to Sri Naarayana Bhattadiri who gave us this "Song of Solace"

Manu was born from Brahma (who had meditated on your Lotus feet) and lived a happy life reigning as the King, constantly recounting and reminiscing your divine adventures.  (1)
Kardama was born from Brahma's shadow and he found happiness in "creation" and served you for ten thousand years.  (2)
O Lord!  You revealed your form, (that is charming like a rain bearing dark cloud, seated on the eagle, Garuda, with your lotus hands bearing lotus flowers, as though in jest, and with a captivating smile), to Kardama.  (3)
Kardama was overcome with ecstasy on seeing this divine form of yours and burst into songs of your praise.  You blessed him with the promise of a daughter for Manu, and nine daughters and a son (Kapila, who would be your avatar), and salvatation to Kardama.  (4)
Instructed by Sage Narada, King Manu, his queen Satarupa and daughter Devahuti, approached Kardama.  (5)
Kardama was married to Devahuti and was pleased with her dedication and love.  (6)
Kardama assumed the form of a young man and using his powers created an aerial car and spent happy times with his lovely wife, Devahuti.  (7)
Kardama passed hundred such happy years and was blessed with nine daughters, and eagerly waited for you to be born to him as Kapila.  (8)
O Lord!  You were then born as Kapila to Devahuti, with the sole goal of imparting the knowledge of the Supreme to the world.  (9)
O Lord Guruvayoorappa!  May you in the form of Kapila protect me from my disease, just as you instructed your mother as a spiritual Guru, after Kardama left for the forest.  (10)
Om Namo Naarayanaaya!!