Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dasaka 39

Dasaka 38 -  Om Namo Naarayanaya!  

O Lord!  You are the embodiment of bliss! As the moment of your arrival on this earth approached, luminescent rain clouds covered the skies as though reflecting the glow from your limbs.  (1)

At the stroke of midnight, when the moon rose, the rains cooled the atmosphere in all directions,and signaled your arrival to the world and the virtuous people rejoiced. (2)

O Lord!  Even in the form of a baby, your splendorous, dark form with your crown, bangles, shoulder ornaments, necklaces and with the conch, disc, lotus and mace in your arms dazzled everyone.  (3)

O Vaasudeva!  Your divine consort, Lakshmi drove the inauspiciousness out of Kamsa's house, with her bashful looks, as she looked out of your heart.  (4)

You father, Vasudeva, saw this divine form of yours (that is difficult for even sages to see and is as sweet as honey to the eyes) and was overcome with tears of ecstasy and bliss.  (5)

The joyous Vasudeva sang, "O Lord!  You cut the bonds of sorrow and see all with equal eyes.  Please take away my sorrows with your compassionate gaze!".  (6)

Your mother, Devaki was also ecstatic with joy on seeing your form.  You then revealed to your parents their two previous births where your mother had requested you to be born in the form of a human baby to her.  (7)

O Lord!  At your request, Vasudeva took you in his arms to bring about the exchange with Nanda's baby girl; you who are as charming as a young swan seated in a lotus and who cannot be seen by the greatest of sages!  (8)

At that time, a trance fell over the town where Nanda lived and this was your Maya!  This is not surprising at all!  The locked doors of the prison opened by themselves!  (9)

Then, holding you, Vasudeva walked, guided by the lustre of the gems from the serpent Sesha's hoods and protected from the rain.  O Lord! Save me from this disease!  (10)

Om Namo Naarayanaya!